You stretch out in the sun expecting to receive a golden tan, but rather stride away from your lounge chair appearing like a lobster that’s been left in the pot. Despite health alarms concerning sun damage, most of us still expose our skin to the burning rays of the sun. However, CBD helps to heal sunburns and alleviate its symptoms thereby offering relief.

What are Sunburns

CBD For Sunburns
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Sunburns are painful, red skin that seems fiery to touch – generally appears in a few hours following excess contact with ultraviolet (UV) light from sunshine or artificial sources, like sunlamps.

Intense, constant exposure to the sun that leads to sunburn raises your risk of later developing wrinkled or dry skin, rough spots, dark spots, besides skin cancers, like melanoma. Easy home remedies can generally provide relief from sunburns. Sunburns may need a few days or more to wear off.

You can avoid sunburns and associated conditions by safeguarding your skin. It is particularly essential when you’re outdoors, regardless of the weather.

Causes Of Sunburn

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Mild and simple cases of sunburn generally lead to minor skin redness and pain. Initially, the skin becomes red nearly 2 to 6 hours following exposure and seems irritated. The peak effects are observed at 12 to 24 hours.

Most serious cases (sun poisoning) are made complex by severe burning of skin and blistering, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, and increased risk of infection.

With excessive exposure, severe untreated sunburn can lead to shock (bad circulation to the essential organ) and also death.

Symptoms Of Sunburn

Symptoms of sunburn include:

  • Redness or pinkness
  • Pain, itching, and tenderness
  • Skin that is hot or warm to touch
  • Tiny, fluid-laden blisters that may split
  • Swelling
  • Headache, nausea, fever, and fatigue with severe sunburn

Any uncovered part within your body – including your earlobes, lips, and scalp – can burn.

Also covered regions can burn when, for instance, your clothing is made of a loose knit that permits ultraviolet (UV) light inside. Your eyes that are highly sensitive to UV light of the sun even can burn. Eyes that are sunburned may seem gritty or painful.

How CBD Is Effective For Sunburn

We’ve all experienced it. Spent extra time at the pool and our skin becomes red and inflamed. Perhaps, CBD might be the solution to this also! If you have a sunburn, CBD might be the best option to heal, protect, and alleviate your burn and symptoms.

As An Antioxidant

Studies have also revealed that CBD also contains antioxidants. The quality of this wonderful oil can prove to be highly beneficial. When you are exposed to the sun, you are revealing yourself against the free radicals of the sunrays. Such free radicals may damage your skin. They may cause excessive harm to the collagen available in the skin. This damage will make you seem old and wrinkly. The cannabinoid contained in CBD will combat these free radicals. It can help lower the amount of damage induced by these free radicals.

Possesses Anti-inflammatory Properties

CBD oil has been extensively recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is being utilized to treat nausea, seizures, inflamed joints, among other things. It is most popular amongst persons who suffer from arthritis. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil are also very useful to heal sunburns. It has the capacity to decrease redness in the area. Its anti-inflammatory properties can also lessen the pain and heal stings. The sensitive inflamed skin will improve with the use of CBD oil. It casts a cooling effect that soothes the burnt skin.

No Adverse Effects

The use of CBD oil is becoming very common. It is being employed by many people from all across the world. People are also employing this oil to heal sunburns. The finest part is that there are no side effects with this oil. It is highly safe to apply on your skin; the oil does not contain any harsh chemicals and does not damage the skin. Rather, it will beautify your skin. It promotes the growth of new skin cells. Further, it does not cause a high.

Quick Healing

CBD oil has the capacity to heal sunburns fast. Many users have reported a full recovery from their burn within days thanks to CBD. It also did not leave any scars.

CBD oil can be utilized as a potent remedy for nasty sunburns. It can aid your body to restore the damaged collagen. It also affords a great way to alleviate pain and sting resulting from sunburn.

Helps Combat Pain

Research indicates that CBD has the potential to aid with pain and inflammation, thereby rendering it an excellent option to help treat sunburns. CBD links with the human body’s innate Endocannabinoid system and by this raises the endocannabinoids generated helping with pain and inflammation occurring from sunburn.

The first endocannabinoid the CBD acts with is 2-AG, these aids mediate immune functions inside the body. CBD oil also supports the endocannabinoid anandamide which aids regulate the neurological functions, whereby CBD aids lower the body’s sensitivity to pain.


The various effects of CBD are useful in treating sunburn, an anti-inflammatory that targets the primary mechanism of sunburn-based pain, antibacterial, which is helpful as burned skin is especially prone to infection and antioxidant, which helps to fight free radicals. It also includes essential fatty acids that aid emolliate dry skin. Additionally, CBD also raises anandamide, an endogenous cannabinoid that aids lower pain.


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