While playing sports or falling down your thumb may jam into another player, the ground or a ball, or it may bend awkwardly to give rise to thumb sprains. It can be extremely painful and weaken your ability to grasp objects by your thumb. However, you can obtain relief from its various symptoms by using the miracle plant compound CBD which can alleviate the pain and inflammation resulting from thumb sprains.

What Are Thumb Sprains

CBD For Thumb Sprain
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A sprained thumb results when the ligaments supporting the thumb extend beyond their limits or tear. This generally occurs when a powerful force twists the thumb backward, away from the hand palm. This happens most commonly by falling on an outstretched hand.

Majority of thumb sprains affect the ulnar collateral ligament that is situated on the interior of the knuckle joint. This ligament tear may be painful and may destabilize your thumb. It may also lessen your ability to clutch objects between your thumb and index finger.

Thumb sprain treatment normally includes wearing a splint or cast to prevent the thumb from moving during the healing of the ligament. For more acute sprains, surgery may be required to regain joint stability.

Causes Of Thumb Sprains

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In the majority of cases, a thumb sprain happens due to a particular incident that makes the thumb to bend from its usual range of motion, normally backward. For different sports athletes (like basketball, volleyball, rugby, soccer goalies), this may arise from contact with another player, the ball or the ground, as it is our normal inclination to stretch our arms to save ourselves while falling. Skiing is also accountable for numerous thumb sprains, as the effect from a fall or the hand entangling in a pole that’s placed in the snow can harm the ligament also. Traumatic events like these are most popularly responsible for extending or tearing the ulnar collateral ligament, though in specific cases, thumb sprains also emerge from the repetitive strain that’s linked with thumb overuse.

Symptoms Of Thumb Sprains

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Based on the seriousness of the sprain, symptoms might or might not be experienced straight away. The most popular thumb sprain symptoms are a pain, inflammation, and tenderness within the thumb base above the ligament of ulnar collateral. Pain is usually elevated during activity or anything that makes the thumb move backward, though stiffness and pain may happen during rest periods. In more serious cases sprained thumbs, inflammation and bruising may occur almost instantly. The symptoms might be observed at the front, rear or edges of the affected thumb, and may collectively reduce your ability to hold items between the thumb and index finger. When the damaged thumb joint to appears lax and unstable, it may indicate a complete ligament rupture that needs surgery.

How CBD Is Effective For Thumb Sprains

CBD For Thumb Sprain
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If you are affected by pain from an injury like Thumb Sprains, then oral CBD is the preferred treatment as it has a long-lasting therapeutic effect.

Helps To Manage Inflammation

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD help to manage inflammation arising from thumb sprains. The body upon irritation dispatches a bunch of invading immune cells to the region to eliminate any pathogens that may be harming your body. Excess inflammation can worsen the problem wherein CBD can come in. CBD raises the endocannabinoid 2-AG that decreases the number of immune cells discharged.

As A Pain Reliever

Repeated inflammation during thumb sprains causes chronic pain generated due to macrophages – important big white blood cells present within the immune mechanism locate and eat up bacteria, viruses, and parasites. These macrophages access a region where cytokines and cytotoxins are getting discharged, leading to irritation and inflammation. CBD upon entering the body, initially functions like an analgesic upon the neurotransmitters, alleviating pain normally.

CBD helps to relieve pain by the preservation of Anandamide, a natural cannabinoid present within the body and called bliss molecule. When CBD accesses the endocannabinoid system, it stops anandamide from getting disintegrating too fast, by attaching with the proteins which disintegrate the bliss molecule. Thereby, CBD assists anandamide to retain within the system for more time, which enables the ECS more effective regulation.

CBD also assists in pain alleviation by regulating and modulating endorphins. Endorphins comprise the feel-happy chemicals present within the body which assists with pain. CBD aids to raise our inner endorphins naturally, removing the risk of depending on synthetic drugs and Opioids.

Helps To Relieve Anxiety

The chemical anandamide within our body resembles a hormone but the endocannabinoid system of our body supervises our neurotransmitters and our hormones besides everything. It’s like a control center, and anandamide promotes our feeling of well-being.

CBD or Cannabidiol impacts the same receptors of the body as anandamide. However, it doesn’t attach as tightly as anandamide, so it really makes us up-regulate or elevate our receptors. Apart from obtaining a mood-raising impact from CBD, an increase of receptors raises our sensitivity to anandamide and promotes a feeling of goodness.

CBD also modifies your serotonin levels, leading to a more relaxed mood helping to fight anxiety, stress, and depression, without causing the euphoric high. Besides, it also relieves stress by relieving insomnia and reducing blood pressure.

CBD Can Repair Tissues

The plant compound CBD is packed with antioxidants like Vitamin C which fights oxidative stress and also essential minerals and omegas 3 and 6. Besides, CBD also contains collagen which is a vital component of tissues and is helpful in healing tendons and ligaments as it helps to develop and repair tissues within the body. In the case of joints and tendons, collagen acts like a glue that assists in holding together the body.

Conclusion On CBD For Thumb Sprain

CBD has immense curative powers that can treat injury, be it a tissue, muscle or ligament and can be used as a post-injury care therapy. Its topical applications have provided localized relief and also reduced inflammation of the sore muscles and the skin surrounding the injury site. Stacked with antioxidants, neuroprotectant, cell genesis, and bone stimulant qualities, CBD can reduce pain and stiffness in thumb sprain and accelerate the healing process.

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