You might have heard “Matches are made in Heaven”. The same could be true with the amazing CBD-MCT oil combo. Both of them together as oil makes a great natural blend which may help solve a lot of medical issues. Of course, please don’t expect magic overnight.

But before going in the details let’s have a basic understanding of both of these naturally derived compounds.

CBD oil or cannabidiol is made from hemp extracts. They are special because many medical conditions can either be cured of it or at least the symptoms may be reduced to give relief to the user. There is altogether a range of potential health benefits of CBD oil. If it is a full spectrum CBD MCT oil, you can see some astonishing results depending upon your metabolism, dosage and medical conditions.

Now a bit about the other one. MCT or Medium Chain Triglyceride is the medium used for making CBD MCT oil. Why it is used? These are rare nutrients(MCT’s) that can be easily digested by you. The best example is coconut oil. Coconut is supposed to be a great source of zero-carbohydrate energy which is also a brain fuel.

So now you know the basics involved with both of these natural wonders. Let’s have a look what makes them a uniquely potent blend.

What Makes CBD MCT A Great Match?

Well, you may be aware that MCT’s like coconut oil contains the highest concentrations of saturated fats such as fatty acids. This is why it makes a stronger binding for cannabinoids in comparison to other oils such as olive oil(saturated fat content is less than 20%). Also, CBD is hydrophobic so it cannot be easily dissolved in water. On the other hand, CBD blends evenly in the medium chain glycerides so the hemp extract you get is uniform and is effective more in comparison to others.

Having said that, let’s find out how coconut oil can benefit you individually when present in full spectrum CBD oil as a carrier.

Coconut Oil Is Anti-Microbial

In coconut oil, you will find lauric acid. They have a number of therapeutic advantages. One example is its antimicrobial property. On digestion, lauric acid gets converted into a monoglyceride. This compound is supposed to be an antimicrobial agent thus CBD oil becomes suitable for people who have an excess of oil in their skin. Thus it is a great carrier oil for CBD compounds and much healthier than butter or canola oil.

End Product Remains Solid

CBD MCT makes a great match also because the end product remains solid at room temperature. So it becomes a lot easier to make the topical salves, balms, and ointment out of it.

Storage Is Easy

This property enables the oil to be stored easily via gelatin capsules. It is supposed to be another effective and popular way to consume cannabinoids. These capsules are easily available in the health stores and can also be procured from online mode without the need for doctor’s prescription.

The Role Of Liver

The cannabinoids do not dissolve in water easily, they need a medium of fats to absorb fully. The liver recognizes MCT oil as carbohydrates and directly converts (metabolizes) the oil into energy. This conversion takes place without free-radicals so this way rapid metabolism allows cannabinoids to act faster.

Final Thoughts

The above-listed points give you an idea of why CBD MCT together makes an effective natural remedy to treat various health issues such as pain, anxiety, depression and much more. When it comes to full spectrum CBD MCT oil, the resulting remedy becomes much more powerful. The reason is the presence of fragrance providing terpenes and health-promoting phytonutrient flavonoids in them.  Also, the full spectrum CBD oil made in the coconut carrier oil is extracted from CO2 extraction method. It means the end product is free from toxic solvents, chemicals, and other harmful hydrocarbons.

One thing more, while choosing the coconut carrier oil make sure your MCT oil is obtained from sustainable-farmed coconut oil. The coconuts should no be bleached, deodorized, aged or procured from non-organic methods.

Hope we are able to put our point.

Seeing all the therapeutic properties of CBD in the presence of MCT carrier oil(coconut oil), one can say the match is really made in heaven.

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